Ended on Jan 31, 2021, 9:25 PM

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No Nonsense TN

The mix of scope and reflexes

1. No Nonsense TN

Hernandez TN x Verdi TN

°2018 Stallion

Icarus in the Sky

Top quality from Holstein

2. Icarus in the Sky

Ikarus Son x Lavall II

°2018 Stallion

Ninorado O

Expreme Powerhouse

3. Ninorado O

Eldorado van de Zeshoek x Heartbreaker

°2018 Stallion

Nelson de Bruyres TN

Halifax son with scope

4. Nelson de Bruyres TN

Halifax van het Kluizebos x Calvaro Z

°2018 Stallion

Moneymaker STR

Born for top sport

5. Moneymaker STR

Grandorado TN x Voltaire

°2017 Gelding

Noaber van de Wolfsslenke

Brilliant technique

6. Noaber van de Wolfsslenke

I'm Special de Muze x Spartacus TN

°2018 Stallion

No Doubt O

The all-rounder

7. No Doubt O

Hernandez TN x Eldorado van de Zeshoek

°2018 Stallion

Lord Shutterfly

Scope and rideability

8. Lord Shutterfly

High Shutterfly x Unaniem

°2016 Gelding

Zo Neon Z

Remarkable jumping talent

9. Zo Neon Z

Zambesi TN x I'm Special de Muze

°2018 Stallion


Extraordinary reflexes

10. Nandorado

Grandorado TN x Manhattan

°2018 Stallion

Nathan S

Sharp eye-catcher

11. Nathan S

Innocent x Numero Uno

°2018 Stallion


Stunning with a lot of scope

12. Milan

Chapeau TN x Cardento

°2017 Gelding


Top athlete with a lot of potential

13. Nova

Emir x Tolan

°2018 Gelding

Nibur SV

Great future ahead

14. Nibur SV

I'm Special de Muze x Eldorado van de Zeshoek

°2018 Stallion



15. L-dorado

Grandorado TN x Namelus R

°2016 Gelding


Great reflexes and sharpness

16. Neymar

Iniësta TN x Calvados

°2018 Stallion

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